• Wheel Lug Wrench Heavy Duty for Truck and Bus

型號 : WLW-7001 WLW-7002 WLW-7003 WLW-7004 WLW-7005 WLW-7006 WLW-7007

數量 :


Automotive wheel lug wrench.  Stronger and better than traditional lug wrench.  Our lug wrench increases more moment for tighten and loosen the wheel bolts.  4 way keep in central balance for quick tighten and loosen bolts and nuts.  Cold forging heat treated alloy metal frame for strong durability.

Strong oblong frame made by cold forging and precision heat treatment, more durable than traditional spot welding mechanism.


METRIC (mm) SAE (inch) L (mm) L1 (mm) O (mm)
24 15/16" 77 51 32
26 1" 77 51 34
27 1-1/16" 77 51 36
30 1-3/16" 77 51 40
32 1-1/4" 77 51 42



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WLW-1351 WLW-1352 WLW-1353 WLW-1361 WLW-1362 WLW-1354 WLW-1355 WLW-1356 WLW-1371 WLW-1372 WLW-1381 W

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